The Eddy Awards 2016


Out of the 98 innovative items from 59 companies displayed in EDexpo’s New Product Showcase, only three earned the coveted Eddy Awards from Educational Dealer magazine. Based on the votes they received from retailers, the honors went to Bouncy Bands for Desks and Chairs, the Hourglass Timer, and ZAZ magnetic building blocks.

“The Eddy Award winners are chosen by experts – our industry’s retailers – who vote for the products they believe will sell well in their stores,” said Tim Braden, vice president of Fahy-Williams, Ed Dealer’s publisher. “We hope that the program, now in its fifth year, helps to encourage innovation and creativity in the development of products for teachers and classrooms.”


First place winner Scott Ertl, founder of Bouncy Bands, shows how the heavy duty-rubber band stretches across the bottom of a chair or desk. When kids push against it with their feet, it helps them

• release extra energy,

• stay focused longer,

• get more work done, and

• feel calm while taking tests.

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Nathan Erznoznik of Incredibly Interconnectable Toys won the third-place Eddy Award for ZAZ magnetic building blocks.The magnets in ZAZ are encased within the blocks, making them completely safe. Each of the various cubes, pyramids, prisms and other shapes all connect together with a “click.” Students can feel the magnetic force as the ZAZ faces interlock, ratchet and rotate into place.

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Jim Whitney of Primary Concepts demonstrates the HourGlass Classroom Timer, the second-place Eddy winner. The device is actually a dual function classroom management system that not only times classroom activities but also lets students know when they’re too loud! The giant display of lights is a dynamic measuring tool that can be seen by everyone, even in an auditorium.

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