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Staff Videos Keep KB Top-of-Mind

Who: Ginger Hazel, Storeowner

Where: Knowledge Bound educational supply store in

Windsor, Colorado 


by Tina Manzer


On what platforms do you actively post?

Mostly Facebook and Instagram. I think they meet my two biggest groups of customers where they are. Grandparents and professionals age 40 and up seem to be more active on Facebook while younger customers use Instagram more.

Why do you post?

For a lot of reasons, but mostly to stay top-of-mind among customers and potential customers. If they see one of our posts they may remember they have a birthday present to buy or that it’s time to change their classroom décor, and head here. We reach out to customers in a lot of different ways, including targeted emails. Retailers who don’t regularly reach out don’t stand a chance, I feel.

How often do you post – do you have a schedule?

We post every two to four days, based on a master schedule. We divide the year up into quarters, then months and then weeks, and we plan a theme for each timeframe. All our promotional efforts revolve around those themes so that our message – whether it’s in-store, online or in an email blast – is clear and consistent. Right now our theme is our big storewide clearance sale. Spring is the theme after that and then Easter specifically.

We do our planning during a three-hour meeting after hours. Everyone gets paid to be there. We plug it all into Google Calendar.

Who is responsible for social media?

One part-timer maintains our promotional schedule on the side. A staffer who works every day makes sure the social media posts are being made. Everyone here is allowed to post on behalf of the store, whenever. We have a store cell phone, and they can just pick it up and post. I don’t preview them before they’re posted – I know some storeowners wouldn’t dare do that! Every employee participates in our videos for social media. Even the ones who are more camera shy will contribute ideas. I am
lucky to have this fun and energetic crew that I trust.

How do you know social media is worth it?

Well, it’s difficult to measure. There have been cases in which we’ve included a link to purchase the product, and people have clicked on the link, but that’s rare. What we do see all the time is that people comment on a post or share it, and that’s enough. For my store and staff, coming up with the ideas and doing the videos are also fun team builders. I think there’s real value in that.

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