Shady Labels – Avery Products Files Lawsuit Against Counterfeiters

If you’ve heard complaints from customers who say that the Avery labels they bought are “defective,” or “don’t perform they way they used to,” chances are they were the victims of counterfeiters who have been selling their sub-par labels as Avery’s. In fact, as a result of consumer complaints, the company was able to identify the alleged counterfeit products and filed a lawsuit against their sellers in the United States. The move is designed to not only protect consumers from substandard merchandise, but also to support the reputation of the brand as a world leader.

The defective products arrive in boxes that appeared to be Avery packaging, but the contents don’t perform like genuine Avery labels, according to a company statement.

“Avery has dedicated more than 50 years to the research and development of the highest-quality labels for use in desktop printers available in the world,” said Allison Phillips, vice president and general manager printable media, Avery North America. “Our company spends millions of dollars developing matched software, jam-free quality, and perfect printability, while engineering substrates and adhesives to make sure our consumers and trade customers receive only the best.”

Consumers who suspect they might have purchased counterfeit Avery products should contact the Avery Consumer Care Center at 800-462-8379. Counterfeit products may be returned to Avery and, once verified, will be immediately replaced free of charge.

Avery Products Corporation is the world’s largest supplier of labels, specialty converted media and software solutions to enable short-run digital printing in businesses and homes, alongside complementary products sold through distributors and mass-market retailers under the Avery brand. Avery Products Corporation, a division of CCL Industries, is based in Brea, California. CCL is the world’s largest converter of pressure-sensitive and extruded film materials for a wide range of decorative, instructional, functional and security applications for government institutions and large global customers in the consumer packaging, healthcare and chemicals, consumer electronic device and automotive markets.

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