Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products


January/February 2019

by Tina Manzer

Angelo School Supplies from San Angelo, Texas, on Instagram (@angeloschoolsupplies)

“New to our store is Dr. Beaker (1) by Blue Orange Games. Kids use the provided stirring rod to make the molecules in the beaker match the ones on the playing cards. It’s a fun and challenging game for ages 8 and up.

Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 (2) by Mindware is a great seller in our store. It’s the perfect STEM toy that allows students to design their own maze for marbles to venture through. The mazes come in a variety of different colors and obstacles.

Super Genius Card Games (3) by Blue Orange Games are a new take on Spot It. Players take two cards and find the match. This is a great game for students to play together or by themselves in the classroom.”

School Crossing from Williamsburg, Virginia, on Instagram (@schoolcrossing)

“We’ve been stocking our shelves with all of the latest and greatest classroom decoratives for back to school, including items with the Woodland Friends Welcome Theme (4) by Creative Teaching Press.  It features adorable hedgehogs, foxes, rabbits, and other cute outdoor creatures.

“Dinosaurs are all the rage right now. The book 199 Dinosaurs (5) by Usbourne is filled with colorful illustrations on each page that are sure to keep children intrigued and occupied.

Dinosaur Escape Game (6) by Peaceable Kingdom is another fun board game for the classroom. Teachers can keep this one on hand for quiet time or recess. The objective is to get all three dinosaurs safely to their island before the volcano erupts.

BBQ Blitz (7) by Educational Insights is a new game we just brought in. Although it’s all about building burgers, it also builds matching skills and helps develop fine motor skills.”

Chicago Teacher from Chicago, Illinois on Instagram

Creativity Street Foam Letters (8) by Pacon Corporation are always in stock at our store. The letters are versatile and can be used for any type of craft or lesson plan in the classroom.

Uchida’s Bistro Chalk Markers (9) are our favorite because they aren’t just for classroom use. They can also be used for calendars or planners at home. The bright and dustless markers easily erase with water and work on any smooth surface.”