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Regarding the June 2023 edition of Educational Dealer


Sincere thanks from an

“old road warrior”

I just finished reading your magazine, as I do every time it comes out, even though I retired in 2008 from Saugus International as a national sales manager for Midwest Folding Products. I spent the earlier part of my 42-year career with LL Wean, Otto Schmitt & Sons and Beckley Cardy U.C., where I had the pleasure of hiring and working with Tom, and School Specialty. I am now approaching the age of 80 and after being retired for almost 15 years, I still reminisce. I miss the business – most of all, the people that we were so co-dependent on.

While I looked forward to retirement, it was a difficult decision as I went from full speed to stopping; it seems that you will have a more gradual slowdown. Looking back, I kind of wish I did that, too.

I want to thank you sincerely, as an old road warrior, for what you have done for Educational Dealer. I hope your publication continues to inform, educate and illuminate others as to what we could be doing – and perhaps what we should all be doing – within our great industry. Much has changed over the years with companies being bought and changing, I sure miss the old days, but by reading Educational Dealer, I still see and hear about all the good and new things going on, just in case my wife lets me put the band back together again.

Enjoy your time off, as you have well earned it.

Respectfully and with thanks,

Bill Bolebruch

Jacksonville, FL




Congratulations are in order

I’ve expected this announcement for a couple of years, and you’ve now given it.

As someone at the same age and stage (I’ll turn 70 in October), I congratulate you on your decision. It is hard balancing small-business needs with family needs – and now certain “personal longings” come into play (time for fly fishing when you wake up to an unexpected beautiful day).

Although I do not own this business (the owner has 14 years on me), there is still much to be done and I can still use the income until my daughters are better settled in their lives. So, I am pushing off my decision for a couple of years yet, unless health or outside factors arise. At least I’ll still have your column to watch for! You’ve always had a good eye for what is happening in this industry, in business in general and the society at large.

The very best to you, Kevin, as you construct your new life and rearrange your time according to new priorities. You’ve made a positive impact on the educational support community.

Bill Bower

General manager,
Edu-Care Services, Inc.




Best wishes for retirement


Well, there are fewer and fewer of us old timers hanging around and clinging to 20th century technology. Congratulations on reaching 70 and your retirement. I turned 70 in December and am enjoying socking away my Social Security until I can retire.

Cheers and best wishes,

Jim Connelly

President, Creative Teaching Press

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