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by Victoria Ritter

A good education starts with prepared teachers, who, in turn, need access to quality resources. Educational publishing company Corwin seeks to help K-12 educators by providing a range of resources for their professional needs.

Growing up, Corwin CEO David McCune watched his mom, a teacher, as she worked long hours, customizing work and meeting the needs of her students.

“He developed a deep respect for the profession,” said Erica Capogreco, director of Corwin Channel Sales. “When he had the opportunity to start a publishing company, he wanted a company that was specifically for teachers and educators. He wanted to help them do the work they do in the classroom and provide them the professional development they should be afforded.”

Corwin got its start with professional development tools for school administrators. In 1991, it produced its first guidebook for administrators. In the past 10 years, Corwin has expanded its print materials to direct its focus to the classroom. “We have materials for everybody who would interact with students in a K-12 setting,” Capogreco said.


A customized approach to teaching

Corwin produces its books through three imprints – Corwin Literacy, Corwin Mathematics and Corwin Teaching Essentials. Within these imprints, Corwin covers topics including literacy, STEM, classroom management, equity, leadership, social and emotional learning, student wellbeing and counseling. Multiple editorial teams, each with a specific focus area, allows for authenticity and content quality.

“They take the topics and areas of interest that teachers need in a literacy classroom, math classroom or just in their classroom in general, and they condense the information down,” Capogreco explained. “They offer acceptable strategies, practical guidance and are designed for easy implementation.”

Corwin’s materials further stand apart due to their design. The books are made of high-quality paper and feature unique, colorful covers. “A lot of our titles are spiral-bound in order to allow teachers maximum usability,” Capogreco added.

The books are not meant to be read cover-to cover, Capogreco said. An educator can select chapters or segments that are pertinent to their current needs. “They’re able to customize the material because there is so much flexibility in it.”

Corwin publishes 90 new titles each year, with a majority of them releasing between January and June; the company currently has more than 3,000 titles. While the majority of Corwin’s business is in the U.S. and Canada, some books are available through its parent company Sage Publications in the U.K. and India.

Corwin’s bestselling title, The Distance Learning Playbook, was released in 2020. It was the first Corwin book to make the top slot on Publishers Weekly’s list.

The most recent bestseller is Mathematics Tasks for the Thinking Classroom, Grades K-5. Published in late May 2024, Corwin has already shipped 20,000 copies, conducted three reprints and is preparing to sell 50,000 units by the end of July.

“It takes the content from Building Thinking Classrooms in Math and gives you actual activities and lessons and things you can do in the classroom to bring those ideas to life,” Capogreco said. A version for grades 6-12 is set for release in January 2025.


Never stop learning, always evolving

Just as students never truly stop learning, Corwin is open to changing and improving its products. In the past decade, there has been an increasing demand for a more teacher-friendly format. To meet the need, Corwin is shifting from text-heavy pages to including more graphics. Now its focus is on a “playbook style;” while one part of a page has text, the other half allows teachers to make notes and customize lessons.

There are three titles released this year that are fully illustrated with the same word count as previous editions – Welcome to Teaching!, Belonging in School and The Illustrated Guide to Visible Learning. Corwin is planning to illustrating more of its current titles.

“It’s breathtaking, honestly,” Capogreco stated. “This year is going to be known as our launch into illustrated materials.”

Another recent change has been towards a more comprehensive publishing approach. When a customer buys a Corwin book, they can further their education through a companion website. The website features downloadable resources, podcasts, blog posts and more – all for free.

“We allow a lot of opportunities for our book purchasers to use the materials in a variety of ways,” Capogreco said. The website is regularly updated with new information aligning to the books. “Instead of having to publish the book all over again and a customer needing to buy a new version, we’re supplementing it by adding to the companion website.”

For customers to make the most of Corwin’s products, Capogreco recommends utilizing the vast array of study guides, webinars and blogs on the companion website. Additionally, there are groups on Corwin’s Facebook and X pages for certain titles and authors.


Reaching out to teachers

Every one of Corwin’s roughly 75 employees are dedicated to the company’s mission of ensuring all students receive a good education and not leaving educational experiences to chance. They fulfill that calling by providing the best resources possible to teachers and administrators.

“Teachers deserve the best information available about what works More importantly, they need to know what works, how it works and for whom it works,” Capogreco said. “No matter what a teacher is facing in his or her classroom, we prepare them with the tools they need to make sure those students are on their way to a comprehensive understanding.”

Corwin can be found at several education-based trade shows. While the Corwin Channel Sales team exhibits at ECRM, Corwin exhibits at shows by the National Center for Teachers of Math (NCTM), American Literacy Association (ALA), National Center for Teachers of English (NCTE), Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) and Learning Forward. Corwin also relies on retailers as seller partners at the state and regional level.

Those interested in selling Corwin products can reach out directly to Capogreco or Robert Murphy at Corwin Channel Sales. Earlier this year, Corwin products also became available through Educator Resources.

Capogreco, who has been with Corwin for 14 years, enjoys the sense of fulfillment the company has given her. She regularly observes a shared commitment to education between editors and authors. Together, the Corwin team strives to produce top-tier content and professional learning tools.

“We have such a passion for education, teachers and students,” Capogreco stated. “We’re changing the way that students learn every day.”

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