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September Products from Educational Dealer magazine.
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FootFidget® 2.0 for desks: Use Sitting or Standing!
Students Fidget and Focus While They Work!

Designed by Physical Therapists, FootFidget® 2.0 provides gentle resistive exercise with the students' feet and legs to enhance cognitive function as well as improve focus, attention, memory, comfort and posture. Reduces excess ‘fidgety’ energy to calm and reduce anxiety.

Students of all learning styles including ‘special needs’ benefit. The only device attached to 4 desk legs positioning the foot in the center of the desk space in a 90-90-90 ‘ready to learn’ Position.

Snap on design, quick and easy to install. Design is black, quiet, non-distracting in the classroom. 3 heights for comfort. Two tough, resilient, custom designed elastic cords.

The Standing Desk Conversion Kit Offers your customers a quality standing desk for lower cost: Recycle the desk top, add the longer legs provided and the FootFidget® 2.0 - Students are ‘Ready to Learn’!

Designed and manufactured in the USA by a woman-owned physical therapy company.

Free Shipping EdDealer September Special
with Master Carton of any product.

FootFidget (Classroom Seating Solutions)


manimo | the weighted companion
Comforting, stimulates concentration and relieves stress

Designed in 2002, manimo weighted companions has become an essential sensory tool for thousands of children! They soothe body and mind in stressful moments, help deal with anxiety and promote concentration in class or during schoolwork. A classroom must have for teachers and educators!

Based on a scientific approach of deep pressure stimulation, manimo is a proprioception tool (body perception). Their weight provides a calming effect by regulating the central nervous system. Helpful to all children, they’re remarkably beneficial for those living with anxiety, ADD/ADHD, ASD disorders. In the US, did you know 10.8% of children aged 5–17 years receive an ADHD diagnosis and 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with ASD?

Lizard, frog, dolphin, snake or turtle… Five manimo models are available. Weighing between 2.2 lb and 5.5 lb, they can be used by children ages 3 and up, under adult supervision.

Until October 15th, 2020 - Get free shipping on orders $1000 and up

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fdmt | Jessica Lamy
866-249-6701 ext. 189
Fax: 450-321-5503


Adjustable Mask Lanyard with Two Safety Breakaways
Keeps your mask convenient, safe and clean!

This lanyard is adjustable in size for small children through adults. It's designed especially to help you keep up with your mask, and ensures you don't have to put it down on a contaminated surface, or shove it in a pocket, purse or book bag. It has two breakaway safety clips to ensure no tangling or choking, and attractive clasps that are easy for even the smallest hands. It's high quality and the only one of it's kind on the market! Order now as schools return to in-person learning. Retails for $4.29, your cost $2.25 or less in larger quantities.

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Fax: 770-939-9304


Kore Design® Floor Wobbler™ 
Balance Disc for Kids Seating, Standing Desks, or Fitness

The unique Floor Wobbler™ lets children sit comfortably on the floor, allowing for active sitting and natural body movement yet remaining in one spot. Continuous movement while sitting helps increase focus. Ideal for classrooms that require flexible or alternative seating.

A stable gently rounded base moves with child and the patented anti-tip safety ring on the base prevents tip-overs and falls. A generous amount of finger room around the rim prevents pinches. The Floor Wobbler™ is manufactured with an FDA approved Antimicrobial, which offers broad-spectrum protection and has been successfully tested to reduce up to 99.9% of common bacteria.

All plastic Kore Design® Floor Wobblers™ are available in different vibrant colors, manufactured in the USA and have a Lifetime Warranty.

Kore Design, LLC


Screenflex Portable Room Dividers
Instant Social Distancing Space

Portable room dividers can create flexibility in any classroom setting. Perfect for creating smaller spaces within a room, movable walls help address CDC guidelines with a sturdy barrier. Each panel has full-length hinges allowing the dividers to fold accordion-style and create extra stability. The fabric is tackable, which is perfect for displaying art or posters without damage to the panels. Easy to clean vinyl coverings are available and have an antimicrobial agent added for extra sanitation. Manufactured with a ½” closed cell honeycomb core, the dividers absorb plenty of excess noise and echoes.

Screenflex Standard units have options of 36 different sizes and 38 color choices to fit any classroom need.

Screenflex Inc.


Strength, Stability and Design

With a style and design made for STEAM rooms, Epic Tables were built to give you strength and stability while making an epic statement. Fully assembled steel frames come in silver and black with the additional option of blue or green for extra style. Choose between a laminate top with Beveled Lotz Armor Edge™ or 3mm PVC edge band, hardwood, phenolic or stainless steel to match the need in your environment and with 3 fixed heights this table is an option for all ages and next generation learning spaces!

Find more details and product resources on our website:

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WB Manufacturing LLC
Fax: 715-669-5929


Pro Gaff® 
Premium Gaffers Tape for Book Repair & Labeling

Pro Gaff® is premium matte cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive system that can be used for book repair and labeling.

  • Highly conformable
  • High strength and high performance adhesive system
  • Clean removability from most surfaces
  • 20 colors to match school logos
  • pH Neutral
  • Easy tear
  • Excellent for color coding and arts & crafts

20 Colors Available: Black, White, Grey, Red, Olive Drab, Purple, Blue, Electric Blue, Tan, Green, Brown, Burgundy, Teal, Yellow, Fl. Pink, Fl. Yellow, Fl. Green, Fl. Orange, Fl. Blue, Chroma Green

Pro Tapes & Specialties, Inc

AWT World Trade

For over 30 years - in addition to quality screen printing equipment and parts - AWT World Trade has also offered the industry’s most comprehensive range of screen printing supplies. From screen-making and safety products; to fabrics and frames; frame adhesives, block-outs and sealants; drying and storage racks; scoop coaters, brushes, registration pins, and hundreds of other items, you’ll find whatever supplies you need at AWT.


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