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September Products! - from Educational Dealer magazine

Wikki Stix Fun Favors
Teachers love Wikki Stix for Classroom Management!

Inexpensive little packets that kids love... are ideal to give out as rewards and incentives. Plus, they provide entertainment for quiet times.

Each Fun Favor offers 8 Wikki Stix in assorted colors, plus an activity sheet....with ideas and illustrations that keep kids happily occupied and entertained for an amazingly long period of time.

Perfect too for the first week of school...the last day of school...or to settle restless kids right before holidays.

Wikki Stix Co.
(800) 869-4554
Fax: (602) 870-9877


Kore Kids Wobble Chairs
Now with patent-pending Antimicrobial Protection – prevent spread of common germs.

Kore™ Kids plastic wobble chairs are now manufactured with a patent-pending, FDA approved SMART PLASTIC Antimicrobial, which offers broad-spectrum protection and has been successfully tested to reduce up to 99.9% of common bacteria including E. coli, listeria and S. aureus.

The innovative Kore™ Kids Wobble Chair encourages active sitting and allows one’s knees, hips and back to find comfortable and ever-changing positions. Continuous movement while sitting relaxes the right side of the brain, leading to better focus.

A stable gently-rounded base moves with child and rests naturally upright. A patented anti-roll safety ring on the base prevents tip-overs and falls.

All plastic Kore™ Wobble Chairs are manufactured in the USA, and are available in different fixed heights (10, 12, 14, 16 an 18.7") or an adjustable model (15.5-21.5"), in multiple vibrant colors.

Kore Design, LLC
(912) 559-5673


Glo Germ Classroom Kit

This kit comes in an easy to carry, plastic case with an 8 oz Glo Germ Gel, 21 LED UV Flashlight, 25 temporary tattoos, Buster Mascot, 25 Activity Booklets, 25 Pencils, a Glo Germ Nail Brush, 1 laminated Classroom Hand washing log, Digital download of our home hand washing log and your choice of 1 laminated hand washing poster.
10% OFF your order - Use code GGFALL18

Glo Germ Company
(800) 842-6622
Fax: (435) 259-5930


State Experience Materials
Available for all 50 states!

Books, murals, flags, maps and more. Gallopade is your source for proven and fun ways to teach YOUR STATE's facts, history and geography!

Free Shipping on orders $250 net or more!

Gallopade International
(800) 536-2438
Fax: (800) 871-2979


Double-Sided Open Bookshelf - 42" x 42" x 23"
Make storage a snap with this double-sided bookshelf!

The double-sided open bookshelf has 4 storage compartments on each side. This model comes in Hardrock Maple with 1" shelves, made tough with double-sided HPL. Magnetic docking plates give you the option to connect them and build a unit of any size. Available for a limited time in our quick ship program, use model number: QSSP235409-1 and get your order in today!
Get it now for 85% off list price at $350!

WB Manufacturing
(800) 242-2303

Focal™ Fidget™ Active Seat
Fuel Students' Fidgeting Ways

The body was built to move—so let it, with the Focal™ Fidget™ Active Seat. Fidget is built to encourage a natural fidgeting motion that may help encourage increased muscle engagement, focus and activity for a movement-rich school day. A great alternative to the classic desk chair, this unique seat allows students to move, twist, and rock back and forth to help fuel the body’s natural desire to fidget.

Safco Products


Time Timer MAGNET
The visual timer you can put anywhere!

This 60-minute visual analog timer has helped people manage time for over 20 years. It’s simple: when the red is gone, time is up – making life’s routines easy and productive! The Time Timer MAGNET, available in both 8” and 12”, is the ideal visual timer for kids and adults alike, whether in the classroom or a meeting room to keep tasks on track.

This timer has easy-to-read, large numbers. For the ultimate in flexibility, the Time Timer MAGNET can be used on magnetic whiteboards and numerous other metallic surfaces. Two foldable feet can also be used to stand the timer on a desktop, or alternatively the timer can be hung on the wall so it is easy to see from around the room and out of reach. This Time Timer can be placed literally anywhere!

Time Timer
(877) 771-8463


Wobble Pad

Introducing the Wobble Pad, a versatile and fun seating addition to any active learning environment. The rocking base provides a front-to-back or side-to-side motion for constant micro-movement, which is crucial for many students concentration and development. Measuring 18” in diameter and 6” in height. Constructed of 3/4” plywood with foam padding and highly durable vinyl upholstery. Available in 9 color options. The Wobble Pad is easy to carry and can be stacked when storing away.

Marco Group Inc.

The Game of Inductive Logic

The classic puzzle game of inductive logic is back, purer and clearer than ever! Beautiful crystalline pieces in three shapes and three colors are used to build structures marked by the Moderator according to a secret rule selected from a versatile deck of options. The more structures are built, the more information players have to work with, and the closer they get to guessing the rule.

Easy to adapt for cooperative play, it's also a remarkably good model of the scientific method!... and it makes a great holiday gift! For 2-6 players ages 12 and up.

Looney Labs
(301) 441-1019
fax: (301) 441-4871


Wall Mounted Basketball Goals from IPI by Bison
Add Shooting Stations to Your Gym or Multi-Purpose Facility

Choose from Stationary, Side Fold or Fold Up Wall Mounted Basketball Backstops, each with your choice of backboard, rim and backboard padding. Select setback from wall to face of backboard from 4-10' (1-10' on stationary systems).

All structures are constructed of 1 ½" schedule 40 structural pipe (1.9" diameter) and welded steel brackets and are assembled using ½" diameter grade 5 hardware. Additional features include 2" x 8" clear coated, southern yellow pine wall boards, 3/16" proof coil support chains with chain tensioners and a durable powder coated finish in your choice of colors on all steel surfaces. Custom wall mount structure is built to order based on customer supplied gym dimensions.

Click to see the video
IPI by Bison
(800) 637-7968
Fax: (800) 638-0698


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