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Educational Dealer's November E-newsletter
Learn to Count

This award-winning educational wooden puzzle acts as a fun introduction to mathematics and counting skills. Match the numbered squares to the dots on the base of the puzzle and then count the brightly colored discs as they are placed onto their individual pegs. Helps to develop dexterity and concentration.

Bigjigs Toys
FAX: 1-301-895-5029


The Game That Encourages You to Think Big!

The object of Syl-la-bles™ is to come up with the longest and most difficult (correctly spelled) word that begins with the letter on the space you land on. The longer the word, the more points you score. Fun for all ages and abilities, the difficulty of the words is up to each individual playing the game.

Each letter has a point value and each syllable is worth 50 points. Do you risk mis-spelling a longer word? Or play it safe and make sure you can score? The strategy is up to you and the possibilities are endless.

Land on Thesaurus or Spelling Bee squares and score 500 points if you can guess correctly! The first person to achieve a set amount of points wins. Educational and fun, Syl-la-bles™ is the game for all ages that encourages you to think big.

(248) 689.6665


Bouncy Bands for Chairs and Desks
Students Wiggle While They Work!

Students bounce their feet and stretch their legs while they work quietly at their desk. Clemson University research results show students stay on task 10% longer when using Bouncy Bands. The heavy-duty bands are made in the USA, latex-free, and come with a full 1-year warranty. Each band comes with 2 support pipes that keep the band from sliding down to the floor.

Teachers find that students stay calmer and more focused when they have a way to release their extra energy, anxiety, and frustration. While students with ADHD, autism, and learning disabilities especially benefit from the sensory relief, 90% of students benefit from being able to move instead of having to stay seated for 5-6 hours every day in class.

New retailers usually begin with a starter set of 25 Bouncy Bands for chairs and 25 for desks. They are available in blue or black.

10% EdDealer November Special
Click to watch the Bouncy Bands video
Bouncy Bands LLC
(646) 926-2440
Fax: (646) 349-5344

TriUnion Table

Available in three heights (34-5/8, 41-3/4, 47-1/4 inches), this stand-at table is perfect for elementary, middle, and high schools. It’s light, easy to move, and adapts to the needs of every learning situation. TriUnion tables can also be linked together in various configurations for larger groups. The tabletop is available in an array of colors, from white, grey, light green, and orange to light blue, beech, maple, walnut, and more.

VS America
(704) 378-6500


Versatile mobile storage carts with unlimited utility!

There are so many ways to use a Utility Rolling Cart! The open-ended design makes it a convenient storage option for art supplies, tools, toiletries, kitchen implements and much more. You can get creative and turn it into a mobile succulent garden, rolling nursery cart or all-in-one toy station!

However you decide to use it, the cart's powder-coated steel frame and sturdy shelves will ensure everything stays contained and organized. With 4 durable casters (2 locking), you can easily take your treasures from room to room. Available in 2 sizes and a range of stylish colors, carts fit right into classrooms, offices, libraries and home environments.

Shelf height is adjustable during assembly. Plastic liners are included to prevent small items from falling through perforated shelf bottoms. Built with the high standards you expect from ECR4Kids!

Click to watch the ECR4Kids video

(619) 323-2005


3D Gridded Sketchbooks & Sketchpads
These are NOT your average graph paper notebooks.

Our sketchbooks are innovating with one-of-a-kind grids like 2-point perspective, polar coordinates (circular), 5-point perspective (sphere), wide angled isometric, dot grid and more. These kraft cover sketchbooks are fun, inexpensive and a great utility for students learning perspective and shapes. Great for kids who love Minecraft to start putting some of those 3D skills to paper!

Watch a video review and speed-drawing demonstration from an actual user (unaffiliated) on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJcqES8p5Nk&t=7s

Our selection of sketchbooks can be viewed on our website: http://koalatools.com
Email info@koalatools.com for ordering information.


TrueModern® Play BBQ Grill
Now children can host their very own BBQ or become the next famous grillmaster!

This play BBQ grill will keep kids entertained for hours while they grill up some of their favorite foods. Realistic features like a push “starter” button, grill grate, and four wooden temperature controls make grilling that much more fun. Ample storage with a shelf inside makes it easy to store utensils, dishes, and play food. Two fixed side-trays are a perfect place to set plates and food while kids make sure their burgers are grilled to perfection. High-end aesthetic design that adults will appreciate.

Like all Jonti-Craft products, the Play BBQ Grill was designed just for children. It's constructed with KYDZSafe®, KYDZStrong®, KYDZTuff®  and KYDZHinges® features. Plus, you can breathe easy knowing its GREENGUARD Gold Certified!

(800) 543.4149
Fax: (507) 342.5617


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