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May Products! - from Educational Dealer magazine

We Have AUTISM & Sensory Books, CDs, DVDs
Written by the Best & Brightest Autism & Sensory Experts

TEMPLE GRANDIN, PhD; CAROL KRANOWITZ (The Out-of Sync Child); TONY ATTWOOD, PhD (Asperger’s Syndrome); JED BAKER, PhD (The Social Skills Picture Book series); and so many more successful educators’ books, including:

  •   • Basic Skills Checklist, a tool that brings method to the madness of assessment;
  •   • The POPULAR Behavior Solutions in the Inclusive Classroom, for teachers who see a behavior, which they can look up to resolve it;
  •   • Autism & Reading Comprehension, a 90-hour curriculum based on animal-themed, whole-group instruction, with worksheets, lesson plans;
  •   • Visual Techniques for Developing Social Skills, with activities & lesson plans to teach high-functioning autism;
  •   • Apps for Autism, incredible computer applications for educational goals;
  •   • Carol Gray's The New Social Story Book offering ready-to-use stories to explain social situations;
  •   • Catherine Faherty’s Autism: What Does It Mean to Me: A WORKBOOK for a student’s self-awareness that helps teachers support him.

5% additional discount for distributors' discounts,
which are based on numbers of books purchased: 30-55%

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Future Horizons
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Kore™ Floor Wobbler™
Balance Disc for Kids Sitting, Standing Desks, or Fitness

The unique Floor Wobbler™ lets children sit comfortably on the floor, allowing for natural body movement yet remaining in one spot. Continuous movement while sitting helps increase focus. Ideal for classrooms that require flexible or alternative seating.

A stable gently-rounded base moves with child and the patented anti-roll safety ring on the base prevents tip-overs and falls. A generous amount of finger room around the rim prevents pinches.

Kore™ Floor Wobbler™ is manufactured with an FDA approved SMART PLASTIC Antimicrobial, which offers broad-spectrum protection and has been successfully tested to reduce up to 99.9% of common bacteria.

All plastic Kore™ Floor Wobblers™ are available in different vibrant colors, manufactured in the USA and have a Lifetime Warranty.

Available Summer 2019

Kore Design, LLC


Focal™ Fidget™ Active Seat
Fuel Students' Fidgeting Ways

The body was built to move—so let it, with the Focal™ Fidget™ Active Seat. Fidget is built to encourage a natural fidgeting motion that may help encourage increased muscle engagement, focus and activity for a movement-rich school day. A great alternative to the classic desk chair, this unique seat allows students to move, twist, and rock back and forth to help fuel the body’s natural desire to fidget.

Safco Products

Complete Screen Printing Units
Standard & Professional Grade Units

Manufactured with the professional screen printer in mind, A.W.T.'s units are perfect for short runs, prototypes, and are ideal for training. The low-cost units are made with kiln dried, non-warp frame lumber, and come with registration guides, a high-quality squeegee blade with contoured handle, durable wood base and side-frame support. The frame is stretched with the industry's best quality polyester fabrics. Many sizes and mesh counts are available.

A.W.T. World Trade
773-777-7100 x112


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