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March Products from Educational Dealer magazine
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Classical Kids Teaching Edition 3 Dvd 11 Cd Bundle
A fully integrated music program for every classroom

This comprehensive set combines musical studies with other subject areas and is designed to move children from passive listeners to active participants in music, drama, history and more. This set promotes literacy, critical thinking and communication skills. The Teaching Edition includes 9 award-winning and best-selling Classical Kids CDs and DVDs, also features 3 exclusive bonus discs; Teacher's Resources CD-ROM: includes Teacher's Notes and scripts for all 9 CDs, Slideshow DVD: with images from the times of the great composers, Music Only CD.

The Teacher's Notes support the Integrated Curriculum, Whole Language Learning, Enquiry-based Learning and Visual Thinking Strategies. They provide activities to help students and musicians develop general creativity, multi-level thinking, memory skills, cooperation and time management. Scripts are ideal for class read-alongs or ESL programs. The Slideshow DVD also comes with hundreds of questions and activities to encourage class discussions.

Ordering Special: 20% off

Linus Entertainment
905-690-9397 x237

Jesse STEAM Mysteries
A Fun Way to Solve Mysteries
with S.T.E.A.M.

Ten-year-old Jesse Steam’s curiosity about how the world works leads her to one mystery after another as she pedals around town, often with Mr. Stubbs, her tabby cat, keeping her company in the bike basket. Using simple scientific tools and their powers of observation, Jesse and her friends analyze, test hypotheses, and conduct experiments. If the kids get stuck, they know they can count on Professor Peach, a retired college science educator, to step in with a clear explanation. 2 Sets/10 titles available.
Ordering Special: Free Shipping

Red Chair Press
Fax: 800-332-1132

Double pan/double bucket balance
Combo balance

You no longer need to have two different balances in your classroom. One of these versatile balances will be all you need in your classroom for your students.
Dating up to 90 days to pay for 50 or more units ordered

Fax: 603-889-1766


Kwik Stix, Set of 30 Colors
Uncap, twist and paint!

The same quick drying formula you love in all new colors. Just like the Kwik Stix you know and love simply uncap, twist and paint! Kwik Stix have a fast drying formula that allows them to dry in 90 seconds while still leaving a paint-like finish! Kwik Stix take the endless mess out of painting and leave all the fun. No cups, smocks, water or brushes required. Works great on posters, paper, canvas, wood, eggs, rocks, seashells. pumpkins & more! Kwik Stix are non-toxic and fun for all ages.
Ordering Special: EDP321 = $250 FF 10%

The Pencil Grip, Inc


Sum It Up!
Math Games That Play Like Scrabble® !
Improve Fact Fluency with these Games of Numbers and Strategy!

Three games in one! Children will love playing these challenging games as they place their tiles on the board to “sum up” to a target number! These games play like Scrabble®; children build sums horizontally or vertically to “sum up” to 10, 20 or 100. Ideal for small groups during class or after school or ideal for at-home fun. Included are three game boards and tile sets (one each for sums to 10, to 20 and to 100). For 2 to 4 players grades 1 and up.
Use Promo Code NEWYEAR
through 3/31/21 for additional savings!

Contact Didax for details.

Didax, Inc.
Fax: 800-350-2345


Kore Design® Body Fluid Solidifier
All-Natural Solidifier and Absorbent with Odor Eliminating Thyme Oil

Quickly encapsulates and solidifies organic fluids and body fluids such as blood, urine, feces, vomit and mucus and assists in the elimination of odor at the same time. Ease of use and safe disposal makes Kore Body Fluid Solidifier a smart solution. To improve the absorption and encapsulation rate, a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) has been added. All-natural Plant Extracts are added to the formula to reduce offensive odors.

Kore Body Fluid Solidifier is a product that will not only solidify all body fluid material but also is treated with an all-natural Thyme oil that is generally considered safe (G.R.A.S.) by the USA Food and Drug Administration.

Kore Design, LLC


UGlu® 900 Contractor Pack
Arts and Crafts Tape that Performs Like a Glue!

UGlu® 900 Contractor Pack features 20 mils thick rubber based mounting adhesive pack of 250 1in. x 3in. strips.

Mounting, bonding, securing, temporary holding and carpet installation. This product adheres well to all woods and metals.
  • Clean removal
  • Highly conformable
  • Good adhesion
  • Permanent bond
  • Low temperature application
  • Quick stick

  • Good solvent resistance
  • Acid Free
  • VOC Free
  • Totally "green" product
  • Made in the USA
Click to see the video

Pro Tapes & Specialties, Inc


Screenflex Clear Dividers easily roll into place and can be set up in seconds, creating “Division with Vision”. Our Clear Dividers are one of several versatile lines of Screenflex portable dividers used by school administrators to make more efficient use of their floor space in an attractive, economical fashion. Uses for our quality built tackable dividers include creating temporary rooms for before/after school programs, art shows, semi private offices, science fairs, classrooms during construction projects and much more!

See Through Walls | Translucent Wall Panels | Screenflex (dealersf.com)

Click to see the video

Please contact Kevin Maas at
for further info.
Thank you!



  •   • Permanent Modifications

  •   • The Vaccine Rollout

  •   • EDspaces Sold to Leading Expositions Company

  •   • It’s Time to Embrace Virtual Tradeshows

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