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March Products! - from Educational Dealer magazine

Linear Graphs Algebra Card Game
New Algebra Game for Middle School

This deck of algebra matching cards is an interactive, hands-on way to teach key algebra concepts.

Included are 12 matching sets of graph, equation, coordinate pairs, y-intercept, slope and standard form cards. Students work collaboratively to match the cards or play variations on Go Fish or Rummy (instructions included) to strengthen understanding of basic algebra.

This deck may be used alone or in conjunction with our larger Algebra Game: Linear Graphs set - there is no overlap in the content of the cards.

Includes 90 game cards. Grades 8-12.

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Pagholz® - Wood that will last
Nature is the best teacher!

Pagholz® is a nature-inspired composite material made of one sustainably-harvest ingredient: resin-impregnated Beech veneer, which is molded under high pressure and heat.
It is extremely resistant, exceptionally durable, and withstands harsh weather conditions, from blazing sun, and blowing snow.

Pagholz® maintains its attractive shape and is highly elastic – which is perfect for extra precision and dimensional stability. It retains the natural appearance of solid wood, supplemented by additional valuable properties that typically are only available from synthetic materials, stone, or metal.

What does that mean to end-users?

•    high dimensional stability
•    extreme scratch and wear resistance
•    shock and breaking strength
•    stain and abrasion resistance
•    lightfastness and chemical resistance
•    weatherproofed, upon request

Pagholz® can be easily recycled. At A2S, we believe that sustainability is vital. From our resource-conserving production methods, to our exceeding today's global environmental standards, A2S is leading the way to a greener tomorrow.

A2S Inc.

Kits & Class Packs
Creative KITS and Educational CLASS PACKS from Jacquard!

Did you know that Jacquard Products, manufacturer of high-quality textile arts supplies, offers a wide variety of KITS and CLASS PACKS?

From silk painting and marbling to body art and tie dye, Jacquard’s premium craft kits include everything needed to complete a creative project. Designed for ease-of-use, Jacquard’s kits span many interests and allow customers to sample products on a smaller scale.

Art instructors, classroom teachers and resource specialists are often challenged to find affordable group projects. Jacquard has bundled several of their premier product lines into convenient “Class Packs.” Imagine being able to add a whole new creative dimension to an art, science, history or cultural studies curriculum by incorporating a fabric-based art project!
•    Body Art
•    Color Magnet
•    Hoop Painting Fun Bag
•    Marbling
•    Screen Printing
•    Silk Painting
•    SolarFast
•    Tie Dye

•    Cyanotype
•    Dye-Na-Flow
•    Marbling
•    Piñata
•    Silk Painting
•    SolarFast
•    Tie Dye
Jacquard ProductsClick to see the video
/Rupert, Gibbon & Spider, Inc.

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Kore™ Kids Wobble Chairs
Active Sitting - now with Antimicrobial Protection

Kore™ Kids plastic wobble chairs are now manufactured with a FDA approved SMART PLASTIC Antimicrobial, which offers broad-spectrum protection and has been successfully tested to reduce up to 99.9% of common bacteria including E. coli, listeria and S. aureus.

The innovative Kore™ Kids Wobble Chair encourages active sitting and allows one’s knees, hips and back to find comfortable and ever-changing positions. Continuous movement while sitting relaxes the right side of the brain, leading to better focus. A stable gently-rounded base moves with child and rests naturally upright. A patented anti-roll safety ring on the base prevents tip-overs and falls.

All plastic Kore™ Wobble Chairs are manufactured in the USA, and are available in different fixed heights (10”, 12”, 14”, 16” or 18.7") or adjustable models, in multiple vibrant colors.

Kore Design, LLC


Parts of 120 Board Activity Cards
Easy-to-Use Activity Cards to Teach Operations & Place Value

Each of these double-sided, dry-erase cards feature parts of the 120 board. Students fill in the missing numbers on the grid for practice in counting, ordering, addition, subtraction and place value. One side of each card has a number clue for children to complete the pattern. A related 'Go Further' question provides an extra challenge! Reverse side has a blank grid for students to create their own pattern.

Set includes 50 dry-erase cards and activities. Grades 2–3. $9.99

Take advantage of our Back-to-School Special!
55% Discount - Free Freight - 90 Days Dating. Order $500 net minimum before 3/31/2019
Use Promo Code BTS2019. Free Freight only available in contiguous US.

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Gym Equipment Control Device Systems
Choose from traditional switches to state-of-the-art electronics

If your gymnasium serves as a multi-purpose facility, frequently flipping between basketball, volleyball, and non-sports events, you need an easy and quick solution to raising and lowering your gym divider curtains and ceiling-suspended basketball and volleyball systems. IPI by Bison offers a wide range of options to control electrical devices from traditional wall mounted key switches to the technologically advanced Gym Command 7 with a 7” high-resolution color touch screen.

Consult an IPI by Bison dealer in your area or call 1-800-637-7968 for assistance in specifying an operating control system that meets your facility’s needs. Get started by viewing the video at the link below!

Click to see the video

IPI by Bison
(800) 637-7968


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