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July, BTS Products from Educational Dealer magazine
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Learn To Build BIG - Activity Set
Includes 10 flashcards with 19 age appropriate activities!

This 130 piece BIG Learn to Build Activity Set was produced in partnership with educators and fuels kids' creativity with BIG ideas, challenges, & games like building funny faces, creating patterns and planting a Plus-Plus garden.

Plus-Plus BIG is friendly for all ages and gives children the opportunity to super size their creations!

Everyday Terms: 1/2 Freight @ $300 | Free Freight @ $500

Plus-Plus USA
Fax: 888-901-3054


Time Timer® Learning Center Classroom Sets
Research-proven visual timer available as colorful multipack!

Each Time Timer 8” Learning Center Classroom Set comes with three 8” timers of different colors. One visual timer is never quite enough, so why not add some color to the mix? Easily distinguish between different activities or share different colors with different classrooms!

Available in a Primary Color Collection: Red, Yellow, and Blue, or a Secondary Color Collection: Orange, Green and Purple.

This bundle pack includes 3 research-proven Time Timer® visual timers, 3 Dry Erase Activity Cards to slot into the top of each timer and distinguish the activity or communicate what comes next, as well as a bi-fold guide filled with Classroom Time Management and Learning Center ideas.

These color-coded timers:
  • Reinforce color learning
  • Engage the senses of the students
  • Allow kids to quickly understand where to be and what timer to follow

Learn more at timetimer.com/lccs
Video image

Time Timer


Match It! Head To Tail Dinos
Colorful set of dinosaur puzzle cards introducing children to prehistoric creatures!

This colorful set of 20 dinosaur puzzle cards provides children with an excellent introduction to these prehistoric creatures! Each card features a picture of a dinosaur’s head, mid-section, and tail. Simply match the 3 sections together to complete the puzzle. Each set is self-correcting as no two puzzle cuts are the same. Ages 3-6 years.

The Learning Journey
Fax: 623-879-0125


ACTÍVA Blackjack™ Clay
Offered in Earthenware & Stoneware Varieties

ACTÍVA’s Blackjack Clay combines a special selection of clays & minerals that result in an exceptionally smooth, soft texture. Renowned for its plasticity & stability, these clays are ideal for hand modeling, hand building, slab rolling, or shaping on a potter's wheel. Perfect for beginners and professional artists.

The Blackjack Clay series includes two distinct types: Blackjack Low Fire™, a white earthenware clay firing at cone 06 – 04, and Blackjack SS-2™, a buff/tan colored stoneware clay firing at cone 6 – 8. No matter the nature of your project, you can be assured that ACTÍVA’s range of Blackjack Clay will cater to your specific needs.
Why Customers Love It:
  • Easy-to-use
  • Stable formula
  • Convenient, ready-to-use
Ideal For:
  • Production Potters
  • Artists & crafters
  • Hobbyists
Sold in multiple sizes. Bulk quantities available.
Call Nell for product pricing and inquiries.
Sign-up now to become a dealer!Video image

ACTÍVA Products, Inc.


The trusted name in

For over 30 years - in addition to quality screen printing equipment and parts - AWT World Trade has also offered the industry’s most comprehensive range of screen printing supplies. From screen-making and safety products; to fabrics and frames; frame adhesives, block-outs and sealants; drying and storage racks; scoop coaters, brushes, registration pins, and hundreds of other items, you’ll find whatever supplies you need at AWT.


Math Activators
Digital Access to Activators Included! The ideal resource to practice, reinforce, or reteach fraction, decimal, and integer concepts.

Inspire those 'aha' moments with Math Activators! This book builds student’s confidence with fraction, decimal, and integer concepts. This unique resource supports a variety of learners from grades 3 through 12 using manipulatives, engaging visual models, and reasoning. Students develop a deeper understanding of a concept by following a sequence of activators that starts with a concrete model and ends with abstract reasoning.

In five to ten minutes teachers can present the activator, allow time for student discussion in pairs or small groups, and then facilitate a whole-class discussion. Each section of activators concludes with application problems that a teacher can use in a class discussion or as a formative assessment.

Didax, inc.


SIO-2® Clay Samples
Discover a World of Quality Clays

Sandtastik now offers an extensive selection of SIO-2 earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, and specialty clays in convenient sample sized packages. Discover and identify the clay formula that perfectly caters to the characteristics you need when making the important clay selection in upcoming projects.

With 16 clay styles to choose from, anyone can explore and discover the exceptional colors, plasticity, smoothness, and stability SIO-2 brings before committing to purchasing larger amounts. It’s never been easier to feel the difference quality clay can make than with these SIO-2 samples now offered through Sandtastik!
Why Customers Love It:
 • Conveniently sized
 • Large variety of styles
 • High quality
Ideal For:
  • Art teachers, Educators
  • Potters
  • Artists & Hobbyists
Available in a variety of colors and styles. Sold in 4 lb and 3.5 lb packaging depending on style. Dealer Inquiries Welcome. Drop Ship Program Available.

Sandtastik Products Ltd.


UGlu® Dashes
Instant Grip, Powerful Bond, No Mess Ever!

UGlu® is a removable adhesive glue in a convenient tape-like format which bonds to most surfaces, including rough or uneven surfaces. UGlu® is non-toxic, acid-free, waterproof, and weatherproof. UGlu® 600 Dash Sheets feature 20 mils rubber based mounting adhesive squares 1/2"x5/8" on sheets.

Pro Tapes LLC


Screenflex Clear Dividers easily roll into place and can be set up in seconds, creating “Division with Vision”. Our Clear Dividers are one of several versatile lines of Screenflex portable dividers used by school administrators to make more efficient use of their floor space in an attractive, economical fashion. Uses for our quality built tackable dividers include creating temporary rooms for before/after school programs, art shows, semi private offices, science fairs, classrooms during construction projects and much more!

Screenflex Room Divider Product Lines | Screenflex Room Dividers (dealersf.com)

Video image

Please contact Kevin Maas at
for further info.
Thank you!



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