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February Products! - from Educational Dealer magazine

Armchair Fun…For Seniors!
A New Twist on Wikki Stix!

Activities designed for seniors...that can be enjoyed in a comfortable easy chair!

  •   • Soft & pliable … easy for arthritic fingers to use
  •   • Bright & colorful … easy for older eyes to see
  •   • Helps with focus and concentration
  •   • Ideal for solitary fun or family interaction
  •   • No right or wrong way to enjoy!
  •   • Endlessly reusable and totally forgiving!

Includes 96 Wikki Stix, idea sheets and activities, PLUS sturdy lapboard for armchair fun! The perfect mess-free, engaging pastime.
30-day special introductory offer...
10% off wholesale pricing!
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The Wikki Stix Co.
Fax: 602-870-9877


Rocket Shape Sorter
The sky is the limit!

The award winning Rocket Shape Sorter will launch your toddler’s curiosity and help to develop sorting and tactile skills. This freestanding rocket includes 8 chunky letters and numbers to fit into the ABCD and 1,2,3,4 cutouts. Acquaint your little one with these shapes while sharpening their hand-eye coordination. No spilling pieces here – once they are inside, they are securely stored and won’t fall out. The bright colors and a cool shape will quickly zoom this rocket to a favorite among little ones!
Measures 5.38” long x 5.38” wide x 7.5” high, weighs .65 lbs. Ages 12+ months.

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The Learning Journey Intl.


Theo The Therapy Dog
This lapdog is specially designed to be your comfort companion!

With a 2.5 lbs. weight, this loveable and cuddly friend can provide a sense of security to children with sensory needs. Theo’s soft, floppy body can lay across your lap or shoulders, and even sit up beside you. He has a hot/cold pack stored in a hook and loop pocket on his tummy. Remove the pack to heat in the microwave, or chill in the fridge, then replace for soothing temperatures! The pack emits a gentle lavender aroma when heated, which helps promote relaxation. Theo’s paws are filled with weighted beads that can help children feel safe and secure when they hold him. The fur, paws, ears, eyes and nose all provide unique textures for tactile exploration and can help to enhance focus when practicing mindfulness. Theo’s warm, fuzzy body is so lifelike, you’ll want to snuggle up beside him in your favorite chair!
Come see our new sensory toys at NY Toy Fair, booth #1235!

Free Freight on all orders over $350.00 net.
Get 10% off case pack purchase. Valid through February 28, 2020.

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Roylco Inc



Saturn’s Stack-Rack™ is a modular drying and storage rack system specifically designed to expand with your needs. The Stack-Rack has hundreds of uses for drying, storing, and transporting rigid or semi-rigid objects in your classroom, workshop, studio, home, or office. 

These versatile units can stand alone on a flat surface or be mounted on a door or wall to save space.



Focal™ Fidget™ Active Seat
Fuel Students' Fidgeting Ways

The body was built to move—so let it, with the Focal™ Fidget™ Active Seat. Fidget is built to encourage a natural fidgeting motion that may help encourage increased muscle engagement, focus and activity for a movement-rich school day. A great alternative to the classic desk chair, this unique seat allows students to move, twist, and rock back and forth to help fuel the body’s natural desire to fidget.

Safco Products

Kore Design® Floor Wobbler™ 
Balance Disc for Kids Seating, Standing Desks, or Fitness

The unique Floor Wobbler™ lets children sit comfortably on the floor, allowing for active sitting and natural body movement yet remaining in one spot. Continuous movement while sitting helps increase focus. Ideal for classrooms that require flexible or alternative seating.

A stable gently rounded base moves with child and the patented anti-tip safety ring on the base prevents tip-overs and falls. A generous amount of finger room around the rim prevents pinches. The Floor Wobbler™ is manufactured with an FDA approved SMART PLASTIC Antimicrobial, which offers broad-spectrum protection and has been successfully tested to reduce up to 99.9% of common bacteria.

All plastic Kore Design® Floor Wobblers™ are available in different vibrant colors, manufactured in the USA and have a Lifetime Warranty.

Kore Design, LLC


Mobile Kitchen with Portable Sink

Monsam amazing Portable Kitchen model is a perfect blend of function and mobility for cooking or serving food. This model is perfect for bringing culinary education or cooking classes to schools and childcare programs, which can expand cooking and healthy lifestyle classes, providing the next generation with nutritious meal ideas that will have them eat healthier.

The Mobile Kitchen from Monsam is fully self-contained. It is equipped with a microwave, stovetop, mini fridge, storage space, an anti-bacterial food prep area as well as a portable hand washing sink that provides hot and cold water. The great part is that it is fully mobile and puts everything you need at your fingertips with no plumbing needed. It is built with heavy duty aluminum frame and colored panels perfect for indoor or outdoor use!

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to design a kitchen cart specific to your needs.

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Monsam Enterprises
Fax: 925-757-3681


Pro® Cloth Book Repair
Pro® Cloth Book Repair Tape is a Classroom Must Have!

Pro® Cloth Book Repair Tape is a matte coated cloth tape that is water and abrasion resistant. It is commonly used to repair book spines and also in book binding. It has a matte finish which makes it aesthetically preferable and easily conforms to the contour of book spines.

Available Colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Yellow, Burgundy, Electric Blue, Green, Grey, Purple, Red, Tan, White

  •   • Made in the USA
  •   • Highly conformable
  •   • Can tear by hand
  •   • Water resistant
  •   • Abrasion resistant

Pro Tapes & Specialties, Inc
Jonti-Craft® Ridgetop Storage - Open View
The perfect storage option for Montessori spaces

This stationary unit features no back and cut out side openings to provide maximum supervision of children making it the perfect storage option for Montessori spaces and areas with young ones! This open view also makes it easy for kids to see and pick items off the shelves. Two adjustable shelves accommodate toys and supplies of all shapes and sizes while the top, featuring a raised back and sides, is designed to help contain items and prevent them from falling on the floor. The top and each of the shelves also have metal stiffeners attached to prevent bowing and add strength. Like all Jonti-Craft products, the Ridgetop Storage was constructed just for kids.

With the flagship KYDZSafe®, KYDZStrong®, and KYDZTuff® features, you can be sure the product is safe for children and will last a lifetime.



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