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December Products! - from Educational Dealer magazine

Kore Office PLUS Sit-Stand Chair
The Ultimate Teacher’s Seat!

The Office PLUS Sit-Stand Chair is perfect for educators standing in front of class for long periods of time, or for those who are on their feet for most of the day. It can support your weight and take the load off your legs and gives you a rest from standing by letting you perch. The Office PLUS Sit-Stand Chair is also be the perfect stool for an adjustable standing desk. Easily adjust height from sitting, to perching, to standing with the easily accessible actuator ring.

Kore™ award-winning products are designed to create a better life environment. Kore’s™ patented gently-rounded base allows a rocking motion while sitting which can help strengthen one’s core and prevent stiffness with daily use. Rock, swivel, tilt, move – no more sedentary sitting lifestyle. Active Sitting enables Secondary Focus, which improves attention and leads to better thinking and learning.

Kore Design, LLC
(912) 559-5673


All Morphed Up!
Magical Mirrored STEAM Activity Kit!

All Morphed Up! is a set of coloring pages that have been All Morphed Up -  the optical illusion coloring pages have been distorted in a very specific way. First, color in the pictures and then watch them "un morph" by viewing them in the included cylindrical mirror. Then, learn to create this 3D Optical Illusion yourself with the included step by step instructions! 

With the included easy to follow activity guide,  you will not only color and observe the optical illusion coloring pages, you will  also learn to create, color, morph and un morph your own drawings!! This super fun STEAM activity uses the technology of a curved mirror, and the science of optics and perception to explore of the art of distortion and the apply a Mathematical grid drawing technique - and it all develops 3D skills to support engineering practices!

Laser Classroom, LLC
(763) 234-0692
Fax: (612) 677-3090


Wikki Stix Classroom Flyer
New! Sales tool for selling Wikki Stix

Some teachers use Wikki Stix all the time...in myriad ways. Others may only use them occasionally.

Here is a flyer full of classroom uses for Wikki Stix, with detailed four-color illustrations showing Science, Math, Language Arts, History, Early Ed, Special Needs and more.

Call for a FREE supply to have on hand. You’ll be amazed at all the things you can do with Wikki Stix and so will the teachers!

Wikki Stix Co.
(800) 869-4554


Pneumatic Bases
From Sitting to Standing in a Snap!

Pneumatic Bases are available on teacher's lecterns and student desks; choose the shape and size that fits your needs. This adjustable height base goes from 28.69" to 41.69" and comes with 4 Grand Hank glides and 4 casters. This versatile base takes teaching to the next level by giving you mobility with ease so you can give your attention to where it's needed.

WB Manufacturing
(800) 242-2303


Sonik™ Floor Rocker

Introducing the Sonik™ Floor Rocker, a versatile and fun seating addition to any active learning environment. The rocking base provides a front-to-back or side-to-side motion for constant micro-movement, which is crucial for many students’ concentration and development. Measuring 18” in diameter and 6” in height. Constructed of 3/4” plywood with foam padding and highly durable vinyl upholstery. Available in 10 colors. Easily stacks for a compact storage solution.

Marco Group Inc.


Dealer Software for the Back-to-School classroom supply list market

Complete system allowing you, the local dealer, to attack the back-to-school market, at margins you set. Now is the time to sign up your local schools!



Focal™ Fidget™ Active Seat
Fuel Students' Fidgeting Ways

The body was built to move—so let it, with the Focal™ Fidget™ Active Seat. Fidget is built to encourage a natural fidgeting motion that may help encourage increased muscle engagement, focus and activity for a movement-rich school day. A great alternative to the classic desk chair, this unique seat allows students to move, twist, and rock back and forth to help fuel the body’s natural desire to fidget.

Safco Products

Sometimes, an hour is not enough time... As one of our four Time Timer PLUS durations, the Time Timer PLUS® 120 Minute packs all the features that have made our visual timers the first choice of teachers, students, and parents into a 120-minute timer. The Time Timer PLUS 120 Minute offers a greater visual impact for longer duration needs. Time management is not a one-size fits all undertaking. The right tools can make all the difference for your students, your teams and your family to make the most of every moment.

Ideal if you’re practicing for an upcoming test, completing a group project, a team training or managing a long meeting. It’s also the perfect time frame for naptimes with the little ones. Time Timer will help make sure you stay on track and on time!

Time Timer
(877) 771-8463


Jonti-Craft® Laundry Center
Kids can have their very own laundromat!

With the new Laundry Center from Jonti-Craft, kids get their own washer and dryer all in one. Side opening doors with KYDZHinges® prevent fingers from getting pinched while magnetic catches help keep doors closed. Provides realistic play with wooden turn-button controls and printed “buttons” on the control panel.

Like all Jonti-Craft products, the Laundry Center was designed just for children. Features like our KYDZTuff® finish, KYDZSafe® edges, and KYDZHinges® means you won’t have to worry about little ones getting hurt. Plus, you can rest easy knowing it will last a lifetime!

(507) 342-5169

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