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August Products! - from Educational Dealer magazine

Glo Germ Classroom Kit
Hand Hygiene Awareness and Training for Back To School

This kit comes in an easy to carry, plastic case with an 8-ounce Glo Germ Gel, 21 LED UV Flashlight, 25 temporary tattoos, Buster Mascot doll, 25 Activity Booklets, 25 Pencils, a Glo Germ Nail Brush, 1 laminated Classroom Hand Washing log, Digital Download of our Home Hand Washing log, and your choice of 1 laminated Hand Washing poster. The perfect kit for raising awareness of hand hygiene and teaching proper hand washing technique!
Use discount code BACKTOSCHOOL2019 when ordering
and save 15% on the purchase of a Classroom Kit

Glo Germ Company
Fax: 435-259-5930


Sonik™ Floor Rocker

Introducing the Sonik™ Floor Rocker, a versatile and fun seating addition to any active learning environment. The rocking base provides a front-to-back or side-to-side motion for constant micro-movement, which is crucial for many students’ concentration and development. Measuring 18” in diameter and 6” in height. Constructed of 3/4” plywood with foam padding and highly durable vinyl upholstery. Available in 10 colors. Easily stacks for a compact storage solution.

Marco Group Inc.


STEAMSPACE™ Generation 2 Starter Collection

Designed specifically to facilitate a true future-focused active STEAM curriculum within any learning space. Quickly move from one activity to the next with our interchangeable work surfaces; purposefully-designed range of accessories; and features for mobility and storage. Accommodates 4-6 learners. Available in 2 heights for elementary through to high school.

(972) 685-6223


Create Easy Sun Prints with Cyanotype Fabric from Jacquard

Cyanotype is the “original” sun-printing process and one of the earliest photographic techniques!

Jacquard’s high-quality cotton sateen fabric sheets come pre-sensitized for cyanotype and ready to use, making sun printing easier than ever before. Just pull a sheet out of the package, place objects or film on top, expose to sunlight (UV), rinse and dry and you’ll have a rich, detailed print.

Great for kids, photographers, mixed media artists, printmakers and more, the cyanotype process is easy, forgiving, quick, magical and fun. Capture the nuance of every shadow and harness the power of the sun — a fun group activity for any age!

Offered in 8.5” x 11” sheets or a 5’ x 7’ mural size, Cyanotype Fabric can be used by an individual or many kids working together. Also available in a Class Pack, cyanotype printing ties in well to art, science, photography, chemistry and nature lessons/curriculums.

Click to see the videoJacquard Products
/Rupert, Gibbon & Spider, Inc.

Fax: 707-433-4906


Enhance the Learning Experience with AVID Education
Reliable, durable, teacher-approved edtech products
for a better classroom experience!

AVID designs education audio products to endure the everyday hustle and bustle of the classroom environment. Our team is dedicated to providing products at a great value to enhance the learning experience and connect students with technology more effectively.

Check out some of our favorite classroom technology necessities:

•    AVID 30 Series headphones and headsets are outfitted with comfortable, easy-to-clean cushioned headbands and earpads. The mid-size construction boasts first-rate sound quality, noise cancelling elements and fits a variety of ages.

•    Protect your investment! Pair headphones with our inline, reusable Fishbone cord adapter. The award-winning design uses flexibility to deter pin breakage and protects devices.

•    AVID Class Packs include 12, 24 or 30 headphones or headsets, plus a hard-shell carrying case or roller case for easy transport and storage.

With AVID edtech products, you’ll be equipped to take your curriculum to the next level!

Limited time back to school offer!
10% off your class pack order of 12, 24 or 30 headphones,
plus one free fishbone.

Use promo code ednews19 when ordering! Offer expires 10/1/19.

Click to see the video
AVID Education
401-846-1300 ext. 232
Fax: 401-849-1060


Kore Design® Floor Wobbler™
Balance Disc for Kids Sitting, Standing Desks, or Fitness

The unique Floor Wobbler™ lets children sit comfortably on the floor, allowing for natural body movement yet remaining in one spot. Continuous movement while sitting helps increase focus. Ideal for classrooms that require flexible or alternative seating.

A stable gently-rounded base moves with child and the patented anti-tip safety ring on the base prevents rolls and falls. A generous amount of finger room around the rim prevents pinches.

The Kore Design® Floor Wobbler™ is manufactured with an FDA approved SMART PLASTIC Antimicrobial, which offers broad-spectrum protection and has been successfully tested to reduce up to 99.9% of common bacteria.

All plastic Kore Design® Floor Wobblers™ are available in different vibrant colors, manufactured in the USA and have a Lifetime Warranty.

Shipping August 2019

Kore Design, LLC


Jonti-Craft® Market Stand

Add a fun way for children to learn about running a business, selling products, and even exchanging money with this Market Stand! This versatile unit can be used as a farmers market, a grocery stand, or a lemonade stand – it’s the perfect addition to any early learning space. Five included Cubbie-Trays are mounted at an angle to easily display items for sale and three Write-n-Wipe rails allow kids to name their store, announce specials, or display prices. It also features a brightly colored fabric canopy and multiple shelves in the back that can be used for storing a cash register or additional grocery items. The transaction counter height is 26” from the floor.



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