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Reading Skills Puzzles
All New Colorful Puzzles for Young Learners

With colorful illustrations, each of these sets features 30 two-piece puzzles to help students practice key reading skills. The puzzles are self-correcting and designed for students in grades K-1. There are four different puzzles available:

  •   • Rhyming Words
  •   • Compound Words
  •   • Consonant Blends and Digraphs
  •   • Opposites

Or, buy all four as a complete set and save!

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Check out our new products!

From bilingual alphabets that help your child to learn and have fun at the same time (which can be used with sand, clay, paint or ink and are completely washable) to stickers that enhance their artwork, products from Center Enterprises will never disappoint you. Look for our wide variety of stamp pads, big and small, to accommodate all of your stamping needs.

Center Enterprises, Inc.
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FlipZ Stool
Store, Move, Sit

The unique, modern and ergonomic design of the Hierarchy Flipz Stacking Rocking Stool fits right in today’s classroom, allowing kids to be active even while sitting. Colorful options coordinate flawlessly with our line of Hierarchy furniture and Makerspace products.

Double ended stool can be used on one end as stationary seating and on the other as a rocking stool, offering gentle movement in all directions. Works like an exercise ball to keep a child’s body moving, burning off extra energy and providing an outlet for restlessness.

Each end is made with slip resistant rubber to keep the stool stable on any flooring material. Body is lightweight and easy to move, but durable enough to stand up to every day use. Features a handle on each end for easy flipping, as well as storage compartments. Stools stack for easy and compact storage.

The only stool that can flip from movement to a static position. Each end is made with slip resistant rubber to keep stable. Available in 8 colors, integrated storage and easy to stack

MooreCo Inc
(254) 778-4727



Come see why Marketplace & Academy is rated the #1 trade show and conference for independent retailers in the business of play.

Register by April 30 to be entered
to win a Consultation Station!


ASTRA Marketplace & AcademyClick to visit the 2018 Marketplace & Academy website
June 10-13, 2018  New Orleans, LA
(312) 222-0984


Toddler single basin portable self-contained sink
20 inches high

Teaching children good hygiene at an early age is one of the important lessons to teach. What better way to do that than having one of our toddler portable sinks in your classroom? Our toddler-sized model PSE-2006I is just the right height for little ones and helps meet with licensing and health requirements. The polymer surfaced countertop is designed with anti-bacterial material to ensure healthy and germ-free operation especially when adding a motion sensor to the faucet.

Lightweight and easy to move, it comes on durable swivel casters with casters. The sink provides hot and cold running water and comes in a variety of fun colors to fit into your classroom’s decor. You can even add your own decals or stickers to add a personalized look for your students. Monsam can also design a special unit to meet your specific needs. Call us today to order yours! 1-800-513-8562

Free shipping with your first order!
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Monsam Enterprises, Inc
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Order of Operations Game

Roll the PEMDice and create equations - just be sure they're correct and follow the mathematical order of operations. These unique dice feature numbers, fractions, operations, parentheses and equal signs. Students can play the game almost immediately with very few rules or instructions--which allows a teacher to adjust the game on the fly.

Game includes 30 unique color-coded PEMDice, activity guide with a variety of game options and shaker. Designed for two students. Grades 5-12.

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Kid-Friendly Furniture That's Colorful, Functional and Fun

Fun meets functional in our extensive Colorful Essentials collection! Add a splash of color to any room with these durable pieces that span from play kitchens to coat lockers.

To match as many tastes and spaces as possible, we've added new color options for both side paneling and interior paneling on all our Colorful Essentials items. Side panels are available in Yellow and Maple, and there's now a White option for interior paneling, allowing more customization than ever.

Colorful Essentials items feature an attractive and easy-to-clean laminate surface with a durable frame that's a breeze to assemble. Made for classrooms, daycares and home environments, they have rounded edges for child safety. Explore the collection to find adorable lockers, storage cabinets, book displays and imaginative play items!



Walk into your child’s imagination with our new stamps.

The large knob handle is perfect for a child’s grasp and the high density foam is easy to clean. Call us for more information. We take great pride as our customer service is second to none, shipping is same day as order received, and our products are of excellent quality. We look forward to doing business with you.

Center Enterprises, Inc.
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Zenergy™ and Runtz™ Ball Chairs
Adding Play To The School Day!

Zenergy™ and Runtz™ Ball Chairs will add play to your school day. Designed with a mesh fabric or vinyl-covered anti-burst exercise ball on four stable and durable legs, it allows students and teachers to incorporate fidgeting and movement into their day. Adding these movements while sitting has the potential to burn calories, fuel productivity and stimulate the brain to enable it to focus.

Zenergy Ball Chair is designed for older children and adults and Runtz Ball Chair is designed for small children. Both products are included in the Safco®-Mayline® Active Collection; products in the Active Collection are designed to promote active movement throughout the day and to engage major muscle groups to help combat the negative effects of inactivity in many classrooms. To learn more, please visit www.safcoproducts.com/activecollection.

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The Card Game of Telling Tiny Stories

Nanofictionary is a story-telling game in three rounds. In the first phase, everyone builds a collection of story elements, featuring at least one of each type. Next, players take turns telling a brief story based on the ideas in the set of cards they selected. Lastly, everyone votes for the story they liked best. Whoever gets the most votes wins!

This game is for 3-6 players ages 8 and up, takes 30-45 minutes to play, and has an MSRP of $16.

Teaches the four standard story elements: Characters, Setting, Problem, and Resolution. Aids creative writing and reading comprehension skills. You can even use the cards as writing prompts for the whole class!

10% off entire Looney Labs direct order if pre-paid by credit card
and ships by 5/11/18. Use promo code EDDEAL.
Free freight for orders of $200 or more.

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Looney Labs
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Jonti-Craft® Clean Hands Helper
A portable hand washing station without plumbing sized just for kids!

A portable hand washing station without plumbing at just the right height for young ones! Encourage hand washing habits and help keep everyone healthy while meeting licensing requirements. Water is heated by the tankless, on-demand water heater. The water pump has a flow rate of up to half a gallon per minute. The tank for the non-potable clean water holds five gallons while the waste water tank holds six gallons. There is also a catch tray under the tanks to hold any spills and prevent the wood from getting damaged. Mistake-proof connectors means the clean and waste water tanks cannot be inadvertently switched.

Like all Jonti-Craft products, the Clean Hands Helper was designed with industry leading construction such as KYDZSafe® , KYDZStrong® , and KYDZTuff® features. The components also have received top safety certifications so you don’t have to worry about it being safe for little ones.

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