New Products

HamiltonBuhl’s Juke 24

… is a new portable, digital jukebox that can be loaded with 48-hours of songs, albums and audio books. Even record your own voice, and enjoy it all at the push of a button, as often as you want!


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Tobo Track 22

… is the new evolution of classic wooden train tracks, offering more flexibility. Connect different trains and cars, including Thomas and LEGO, directly to Tobo with the PlayShare adapter.


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Safety Bags

… are ergonomically-designed clear bags and backpacks that assist with school security measures. See-thru backpacks and messenger bags, sports bags and wheelchair backpacks have a three-year warranty (see page 46).

844-290-2292, or email

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Curious George Joins the Team!

To celebrate Curious George’s 75th anniversary, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt published a new book, Curious George Joins the Team! In the story, a wheelchair doesn’t stop George’s friend from anything – even joining a basketball team.


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Big Push Pin Magnets

… are super safe and super strong! High-power neodymium magnets are completely encased in plastic! Chunky push pins (no small parts). Each hold up to 10 pieces of paper!
800-MAGNET-1 or email

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