Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products


April/May 2018

by Rebecca Carlson

Heather Seibert from Resource Island in Cleona, Pennsylvania

“New to our store is the Watercolor Trim by Teacher Created Resources (1). It’s a part of a new classroom décor line and I think it’s all going to be a big hit as a spring decoration.

Banagrams (2) is a great anagram game that has been selling really well. It can be played in a classroom setting or right at home. Speed wins – not points.”

Jodie Flint from Teacher’s Tools in Lewisville, Texas

“We just started carrying Better Than Paper Rolls by Teacher Created Resources (3). It’s a perfect product for teachers who are decorating their bulletin boards. The paper alternative has a write-on/wipe-off surface and is reusable.

“Bestsellers right now are the Weighted Animals by Manimo (4). They are a sensory toy for kids who are comforted by weight. The animals are a good alternative to weighted blankets, especially in school.

Faber-Castell’s Happy Hedgehog (5) is another sensory toy that we carry. The ‘spines’ are actually sparkling sequins that change color when you rub them. It’s a kit that includes stickers to dress him up.

“We sell The World Map and The Periodic Table Smart Poly Charts by Ashley Productions (6). Both have been really popular with our customers because they are inexpensive, reusable, and can be written on with dry erase markers.”

Bethany Wyatt from Learning Railroad in Paducah, Kentucky

Paper Fans by Teacher Created Resources (7) are the perfect way to add a pop of color to a classroom. They come in various sizes and can be hung from ceilings, pinned to bulletin boards, and used for door décor. They offer a lot of possibilities.

Do-a-Dot Ice Cream Scented Markers (8) are a must-have. They smell like the real deal and are fun to use for both teachers and students.

“Our store just got a shipment of the brand new Confetti Theme decor by Teacher Created Resources (9)! It’s made up of shades of gold and other bright colors – a perfect spring or back-to-school decoration for classrooms.

“The Mid-Century Modern Themed Décor from Creative Teaching Press (10) is another new line for us. It features adorable borders, cutouts in the shape of donuts, and 1950s ‘atomic’ cut-outs. This theme is very versatile and offers a lot of different styling options.”

“We just brought in some Skill Sharpener Geography books (6) by Evan Moor. The pages are really colorful and include a lot of pictures to help keep kids entertained while they are learning. They’re available for children in grades pre-K through sixth.”

Bev Goff from Education Station in Bellefontaine, Ohio
“We just brought in a new line of products called Clingy Thingies by Teacher Created Resources (7). The coolest thing about this reusable line of calendars and borders is that the pieces aren’t sticky to the touch, but will ‘cling’ to anything. They have a slick surface, so teachers can use them with dry-erase markers, too.

“Our bestselling board games right now are Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert by Gamewright (8). Both games, for children ages 10 and up, encourage teamwork. Instead of competing against each other, the players must work together to complete quests and collect treasures. The games are beautifully designed down to the last detail.”