Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products

April/May 2017

by Jenn Bergin

Teresa Hibbets from The Chalk Board & Gifts in West Monroe, Louisiana   

“The Storex Classroom Storage Collection (1) features great products like file crates, book and storage bins, and caddies. They’re bright and durable, plus the company offers year-round freight assistance at a low ordering point.
“Tangle BrainTools (2) are fun and meet the increasing demand for fidget-type products to address the needs of ADHD and autistic learners. The Learning with Tangle BrainTools Educational Guide (3) offers great lessons, exercises and games to improve concentration and focus.
“I love 180 Days of Practice (4) from Shell Education. The series of books is thorough and offers brief daily lessons that help form good habits and immerse students in a subject. They’re available for every grade level in topics ranging from math and problem solving to reading and writing.
“Decorative Classroom Organizer Boxes and Bins (5) from Teacher Created Resources are wonderful. They’re available in popular patterns like Chalkboard Brights for a color-coordinated classroom.
“The new Ranger Rick decorative theme (6) from TCR is absolutely magnificent! Trim, borders, library pockets and bulletin board sets are available … plus cute tent accents, ranger badges and even a Ranger Rick Power Pen.
“Our customers love Bigjigs Toys  and we’re excited about their plush Rag Doll Collection (7) for preschool environments. The dolls are great for sparking imagination and interactive role play. They come with beautiful outfits to collect.”

Stephanie Moore from Teacher’s Pet in Birmingham, Alabama

“I love Digital Bookmarks (8) from Mark-My-Time. They’re the perfect way to help young readers track their assigned reading time.
“The Growth Mindset Magnetic Set (9) from Ashley Productions is affordable and will be a great addition to the social/emotional emergence in classrooms.”

Michelle Clendening from 2 Teach in St. John’s, Florida

“One of my favorite products at EDexpo was the Easy Peasy Alphabet Workbook (10) from Channie’s – it combines tracing and writing. My customers have been asking for ways to improve their children’s handwriting and I’m excited to see their results with this.
Michelle also recommended the math game Mobi, and the Bathin’ Smart Silicone Bath Scrub from Innobaby, who both received Eddy Awards at EDexpo. See the story on
page 14.